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Hi Northglenn High School Boys Soccer Parents and Players!

The boys have had a great start to the 2012 season, so let’s make sure we give them our support by attending as many games as possible.

Let me introduce myself for those of you that don’t know me – I’m Julie Evans Mera and I’m the Northglenn Boys Soccer Booster President.  I have two boys playing on the team, Ryan (senior) and Tyco (freshman).  Basically the purpose of the Booster Club is to support our team in whatever means we can – fundraising, dinners, volunteer tasks, etc..  anything to help the coaches and managers keep the team running smoothly.

I only have a few emails of parents and kids, so if you know of more emails of the players and parents please let me know so I can add them to my distribution list.

Here’s a quick update of what’s going on:

Team Items:

* Socks - $5.50/pair – please pay either Coach or myself a check made out to Northglenn High School with Boys Soccer in the memo field, each boy should have received two pairs, if not have them talk to a coach

* Spirit packs - boys and parent spirit ware, Scott Wilmot and Ryan Mera are coordinating this effort and hope to have selections soon, give them your input as soon as possible


Transportation - it appears all of our away games are over 10 miles away so a bus will be provided, home games there will be no bus, so please have your boys communicate any transportation needs to the coaches and/or captains

* Snacks for the away games - any donations are welcome, attached is an approved letter to present to your local grocery store, restaurant, accountant, etc…. for their/your kind donation, ask the coaches how many kids are on the team

*  Announcer - Franklin Mera has volunteered

* Statistics - team managers are currently tracking statistics,  if you are interested, please contact Coach Lopez

*  Videotaping and Pictures - Bev takes pictures at games, but feel free to share your pictures with Coach Lopez for uploading onto the website

*  Webmaster - Coach Lopez, on school’s website, link provided above - contact Coach Lopez with anything regarding the website

* Communications -Julie Evans Mera, maintain up-to-date contact list and email communications with coaches, team and parents

Booster members always welcome – currently we don’t meet (as it’s only me), everything has been done via email, but would love to start a more formal meeting schedule to plan events


* Fundraising - Per Coach Churchchill 2011 and 2012 funds will be used to purchase new required white jerseys for varsity next year and sweat tops this year??? (Coach Churchchill please confirm this) and possibly season-end banquet

- Chrystal Crey – coupon cards the boys sold last week (complete)

- Pizza Palz – in process

- Other Ideas (Butter Braids, Applebees, E-books, etc)

* Team Dinners/Potlucks - tradition to have once a week (typically Wed) during the season with varsity and JV parents to coordinate team dinners together (team potlucks are always fun) or separately, talk to Julie about times you can volunteer

- Suggested dates:

- Wed, Sept 5 – Meras provide pizza/water/etc.  after practise at 7:15, all players are welcome to share

- Wed, Sept 12 – open

- Wed, Sept 19 – open

- Wed, Oct 3 – open

- Wed, Oct 10 – open

* Senior Recognition Night - October 16 (last home game vs Westy)

* Parent Appreciation Night - October 4 (game vs Prairie View at Five Star)

* Season-end Banquet- Date and location TBD – volunteers to coordinate this would be wonderful, please talk to Julie

- Coordinate location

- Determine menu

-  Senior gifts (per CHSAA – we are not allowed to give coaches gifts)

- Awards provided by coaches

So that’s about all the news from the Booster Club.  Thanks in advance for your support in any way you can provide.


Julie Evans Mera

c) 720-470-7136