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9/21 Boosters Update

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Hi NHS Boys Soccer Players/Fans!

First of all, please change your favorite link for the team to this  It’s the new and improved and I believe the only one that is being updated now.  Thanks to Mr. Amann for creating and updating this new site.  The NHS Fall Sports Boys Soccer link is directed to this new site.  Could everyone please turn in your profile sheets to Mr. Amann, myself or Trevor so we can update it on-line?!  We need this info. for the seniors especially for their special recognition on October 16th.

Spirit items should be in any day.  If you missed the first deadline, let Coach Churchchill know and she might place another order.  You can find the order form on the bottom of the Boosters tab at the website above...

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9/5 Boosters Info

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Hi Northglenn High School Boys Soccer Parents and Players!

The boys have had a great start to the 2012 season, so let’s make sure we give them our support by attending as many games as possible.

Let me introduce myself for those of you that don’t know me – I’m Julie Evans Mera and I’m the Northglenn Boys Soccer Booster President.  I have two boys playing on the team, Ryan (senior) and Tyco (freshman).  Basically the purpose of the Booster Club is to support our team in whatever means we can – fundraising, dinners, volunteer tasks, etc..  anything to help the coaches and managers keep the team running smoothly.

I only have a few emails of parents and kids, so if you know of more emails of the players and parents please let me know so I can add them to my distribution list.

Here’s a qui...

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